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Laser Engraving on flat surface objects and cylinder form objects of any material



Laser Engraver “Laser-Pro” allows to do the engraving with maximum accuracy and quality on different types of materials (organic glass, plastic, wood, metal, glass, paper, etc.). 
 Objects can be in various forms with engraving surface in shape of a plane, cylinder or circle.
During the engraving process the top layer of the material is removed by the laser beam and obtained the desirable engraving. Due to the precision of the laser, it is possible to engrave refined and sophisticated designs.
 Sizes of objects for engraving are limited according to the surface of the Laser - 960 x 510 mm. It is possible to work with long-piece preparations in width of up to 960 mm.


Graphic1_1.jpg     Graphic2_2.jpg



Price of engraving: 0, 05 Ls par cm2 (excl. VAT 18%)
Price may vary according to the volume of order.
Minimum order amount 6, 00 Ls excl. VAT 18%



Example :






angars_pusapl..jpg DAZADI.jpg
LV.jpg 2008.jpg
 LV_KAST_1.jpg  LV_KAST_2.jpg

Engraving on the steel plate



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