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“ANGARS”, Ltd.
Constructions of organic glass
Manufacturing and repair of automotive parts



Limited liability company “ANGARS” is founded in 1993. Company’s principal activity is the manufacturing of various structures consisting of organic glass, for example, information holders, product trays, stands, signs, shelves, design parts, household items, etc. “ANGARS”, Ltd. is a fast-growing, competent company working with the organic glass and various plastics. In its productive lifetime the company has gained considerable experience and knowledge in production and development of different products.


Company’s basic services are --


* ► organic glassware;
* ► excision of various complex forms using milling;
* ► engraving;
* ► laser engraving;
* ► thermal vacuum forming;
* ► diamond polishing of organic glass;
* ► cutting shapes from the foam plastic;
* ► automotive plastic repair

We offer repair and restoration services for automotive plastic parts (bumpers, panels, fenders). We also repair and manufacture side lights and headlamps of glass.
The company’s range of services is based on individual approach to each client, namely, the company manufactures products guided by specific customer needs and desires. “ANGARS”’s products are produced with a modern equipment that allows to compete and develop the range of production.



We are on a quest for new working direction and new forms of work




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